Staying Cool Amidst the Summer Heat

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It's summer time!  That means more fun (and warmer) days ahead. In Minnesota, temperatures can get up to the 90s or even the low 100s (not to mention the humidity!) Here are some ways to beat that summer heat:

1.  If your hair is long, wear it up, or sport a shorter haircut.  Did you know that most heat escapes from the top of your head?

2.  Remember last winter when you thought it was too cold in your basement?  Well, give it some more attention this summer by hanging out there.  It's usually at least 10 degrees cooler than upper floors.  

3.  Soaking your feet can give you instant relief, especially if they swell up from hot weather.

4.  Keep blinds down or curtains closed when the sun is shining,

5.  Keep all the doors inside your home often to get great airflow around the house.

6.  If you want to cool a small area of space, try an ice box fan.  Fill a large bowl with ice and place a large box fan in front of it.  

7.  Incandescent bulbs may create a nice ambiance in the home, but they also give off a lot of heat.  If you have a good number of them being used at home, exchange a few for more energy efficient (and cooler) light bulbs.

8.  Shower regularly, particularly with cold water.  Cold water on your body has a lot of over-all benefits, including instant all-over cooling.